About Me: My Story


I’m Hannah, otherwise known as Hannah Clams. For the majority of my adolescence and throughout my college years, I struggled with deep insecurities that consumed me to the core of my very being, because I always believed that I wasn’t good enough.

A few years ago, I was working as a journalist at FOX News Channel in New York City and was competing as a state finalist in the Miss New Jersey USA® pageant. I was climbing an unfulfilling ladder of gaining worldly achievements and recognition with no clear purpose in my life. I tried to present myself in a way that gave the impression that I had it all together, but inside, I was empty. After hitting rock bottom during a season of severe depression, I was completely lost and truly believed that my life was meaningless.

Thankfully, during that time, Jesus saved me. After surrendering my life to Jesus, the Lord set me free from the shackles of my past and equipped me with a deep sense of purpose for His Kingdom, along with a heart for others who are hurting. It is now my deepest passion to encourage and uplift those who find themselves in a similar place that I once was.

Today, I’m a new creation in Christ, a Korean-American Lifestyle Blogger & YouTuber, and a first-time toddler mommy to my sweet little boy, Job. I love to share authentic glimpses of life centered on my faith in Christ through blogging, taking photos, and more recently, creating videos and hosting interviews at youtube.com/hannahclams. On the side, I contribute on Yelp as part of the Elite squad, which is just a nerdy way of saying that I’m a major foodie.

At the end of the day, I’m just an imperfect person saved by grace, on a mission to spread God’s love and light in whatever capacity I can. It’s my deepest prayer that I would glorify God in all that I do, wherever He calls me.

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