Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation Review

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been an unwavering fan of liquid foundation. For the past decade, I’ve tried everything from affordable drugstore options to high end, wallet-breaking ones.

That being said, I finally discovered my favorite foundation from Lancome about 4 years ago, and it’s become a staple in my makeup collection ever since. Literally, I haven’t ventured off to try other brands because I fell in love with the product too much to even consider other options.

Until Makeup Forever sent me their Ultra HD liquid foundation + Ultra HD foundation stick to try out and review. Free products, without any risk involved?! Clearly, I was thrilled to try them out without any strings attached. But could I possible love something more than the foundation I’ve been using for years?


I decided to give it a fair chance. And after trying both award-winning foundations out multiple times, I discovered both pros and cons to each. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Liquid Foundation ($43.00)


First off, I love the packaging. It’s super sleek and durable, and looks great on my makeup table. I’m all about the little details, so having a nice display piece is always a plus.

As for the foundation itself, I love how buildable this product is. It offers medium to heavy coverage, depending on how many layers you want to go for. I found that I can achieve everything from a natural, everyday look to a photo-ready, professional look with this foundation. I absolutely loved the dewiness. It added brightness to my face which I desperately needed (thanks, motherhood!)

The color matched my skin perfectly, though it was a cooler tone than my usual foundation. It was obvious why so many people raved about this foundation, because after using a bit of the product with a damp beauty blender, the final finish was flawless and smooth.

However, I did discover one thing I didn’t like about the product. I noticed that it smudged easily throughout the day, which is a problem I rarely encountered with my usual foundation. Even the most gentle swipes against my face led to streaks over my nails, clothes, and hands. The consistency of the foundation was also a lot thinner and more watery than I was used to, which also explains why it came off a lot easier.

All in all, I’d definitely purchase this on my own in the future and incorporate it into my makeup routine for frequent use. While it isn’t something I’d default to for an everyday look, since my Lancome foundation stays put even with a thin layer, I’d definitely use it for full-coverage makeup looks, as that’s something my Lancome foundation doesn’t achieve as well.

Moving onto the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation Stick ($43.00)


Can I be honest? I’ve never been a fan of foundation sticks. To me, they’re an awkward mix of liquid foundation and powder, and always end up looking either super cakey or oily on my skin. (I have combination skin.) I was apprehensive at first, but I discovered one great use for this product.

Using it solely as a foundation, I wasn’t a fan. I felt like it was too heavy, and made my skin look too oily. The shade also wasn’t a perfect match, which made it a lot harder for me to blend in, especially between the neck and chin area.

However, it was the perfect texture and consistency to use as a concealer for contouring. Since it was so smooth and blendable, I tried using it in the areas that I wanted to lighten (the bridge of my nose, forehead, and chin) and found that it was a perfect tool for quick and easy contouring.

Considering the price point and product itself, I wouldn’t continue using it as a foundation. So if I were to purchase this product on my own, I’d go a few shades lighter than my skin tone and use it as a concealer.

Overall, I definitely loved the Ultra HD liquid foundation and will continue to use that for special occasions, photoshoots, and date nights. It’s perfect for hiding imperfections (scars, pimples, redness) especially if you’re getting photos professionally done. I’d highly recommend their liquid foundation without a doubt. You can find both products at your local Sephora or Makeup Forever store.

Do you prefer liquid, stick, or powder foundation? What’s your go-to brand? Share with me down below!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received these products for free from Makeup Forever in exchange for an honest review on my blog. All opinions are 100% my own.

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