My 200 Pound Weight Loss Journey

I remember when I first stepped on the scale during my last trimester of pregnancy, eyes bulging, mouth gaping. “207 pounds?!”

I vowed I’d never share that number with anyone except my husband, as I knew if I told my family members, the harsh comments and criticism would be non-stop. I figured that after having the baby, I’d be at least 20-30 pounds lighter. I set myself up for a very rude awakening, as I realized I lost a mere 7 pounds about 2 weeks after giving birth.

So here I am today, 16 months later, and still 200 pounds. I’m not ashamed to share that number anymore, as the scale no longer defines me. As I mentioned in my very first post, “What I Learned From Gaining 60 Pounds”, it’s really not about the numbers. Or to simply be skinny again. I’m doing this for the sake of my health and overall well-being. I’m sick of feeling sick. Tired of feeling tired.

I’ve decided to take my weight loss journey a step further, by sharing it with the community of bloggers + followers around me, as a way to keep myself more accountable. I first tried losing the baby weight when my little one was 3 months old about a year ago, and was able to lose about 20 of the 60 pounds I gained. But I quickly lost my momentum, after becoming a full-time student while caring for my toddler and traveling bi-weekly from NJ to TX.

I felt defeated, and told myself that there’s nothing wrong with accepting this newfound curvier figure of mine. But over time, I realized that it wasn’t about body acceptance. It was about my health. Everything from my back, neck, calves, and overall health was suffering. My muscles were constantly aching, and I was chronically tired. The doctor warned me of having an abnormal white blood cell count, and encouraged me to rest more + make healthier changes.

So here I am, body still aching as I’m typing this post, hopeful and ready for yet another start. Since I know myself well, I know my limits. And I told myself that this needs to be a gradual plan that I can realistically maintain. Failure is only human, so I know that going into this, I need to be discerning and forgiving, since I have the tendency to be hard on myself. I pray that this journey would not be something that I make an idol of, but that even through something as arbitrary as weight loss, God would be glorified through it.

Usually when people write about their weight-loss journey, they have a goal weight. And while it’d be nice to lose all the pregnancy weight (60 lbs), I’m not setting a number for myself anymore. Because if I do, I know that’ll lead to a road of obsessing over the scale. So here’s my goal weight: whatever number I happen to be when I feel healthy again. No numbers. No pressure.

After I publish this post, I’m going to start by drinking my Green Juice from BluePrint and go for a run at a nearby park in about an hour. Here’s to health, in a God-glorifying way.

Let me know your thoughts down below as the week goes by, would love to hear about your personal journey with weight loss (or gain!)

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53 thoughts on “My 200 Pound Weight Loss Journey

  1. Yasmin says:

    This was a very deep and inspirational post and I wish you all the best on this journey! I love how you decided to avoid setting an ideal weight and you are more focused on feeling healthier! I think this is the ideal strategy and I know you’ll make it God-willing!

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  2. Mrs Strawberry Blonde says:

    You’re approaching it the right way. I think it’s better not to have a target weight, but to make better choices (eating right, exercising) which will help you lose weight in the long run. I believe a lifestyle change will also help you maintain your feel-good weight much easier. Good luck!!

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  3. Sierra says:

    I really like your approach to your journey. Your writing style is so inspirational 🙂 I think those who see God in everything can absolutely glorify Him in seemingly small struggles. Each struggle is unique so it shouldn’t be downplayed. I too have been working to make myself healthier while ignoring the number on the scale. God gave me this body for a limited amount of time and I don’t want to take it or my health for granted.

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  4. kristina says:

    I always struggled with weight and whenever I set a goal of loosing some amounts of pounds it was always a fail. All those crazy diets were pure disappointment and I was always cranky from not eating enough.
    Only recently that I’ve changed my approach to healthy eating and exercising. It is not about how many pounds I weigh, it is about how I feel. This approach helped me to get into working out and enjoy it. Cooking a healthy meal is not something I dread but it’s an adventure to create something that not only taste good but also good for my body.
    May God bless you on this journey!

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  5. Melanie says:

    This sounds a lot like me and how I know I’ll be here in a couple short months. I just began my third trimester and weigh around 210. I’m ashamed about how much I’ve gained and I’m hoping to lose it all after the baby. I love that you don’t have a specific number in mind because that’s how I am. I just want to get down to where I feel good about myself again. I hope you have all of the success you deserve!

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  6. danielleb2010 says:

    You are already leaps and bounds ahead of most people trying to lose weight. After I lost my weight I kept thinking that I did it all wrong, I was so focused on calories and my scale number and not how I felt. Your goal of just going to feel healthy, at whatever number that may be, is EXCELLENT. It’s all about feeling fit and able to take on the world, not the scale or pants size!

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    I think your weight loss goal is perfect! Whenever you feel happy with your body and healthy again. That’s perfect! Remember this, you can do all things through Christ who strenghtens you! ❤
    I look forward to following you on your journey to happy and healthy weight loss!!

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  8. amandawolfe85 says:

    I love your realness! You can absolutely do it! Look at everything else you have accomplished, just remember that when things are tough💖 Your definitely in the right mind set, you’ll get there. Can’t wait to see your journey! Thanks for checking out my blog 😚

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  9. ashleyfitzpatrick says:

    Looking forward to following you on your journey! With my own journey I know it has been frustrating to not see the scale move like I want it to, so I’m concentrating on small victories like you mentioned above. Good luck!!!

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  10. ahudfit24 says:

    Oh, the postpartum journey I know all too well…you can do this mamas! I’m 9 months pp and I honestly couldn’t have done it without recognizing that my beauty comes from within from my Heavenly Father! Women’s bodies are AMAZINGLY crafted.

    You WILL do this! ❤

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  11. Mary G says:

    This is nice and inspiring! I’ve actually started my weight-loss ‘journey’ by drinking detox water and adding chia seeds to my drinks. But still, I love eating! 😀
    But I am already working on “intentionally” staying and living healthy. 🙂

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  12. Nyssa says:

    Sorry it took a while to get back to you. But Wow, I am so impressed and happy for you to start your journey. I am on a weightloss ourney of my own, I have completely changed my eating habits and am truly putting an effort to working out more. One of the hardest lessons I have learnt is that everyone’s body is different and responds differently in various situations, we cannot compare (no matter how much we would like to) ourselves with other people’s weight loss journeys. Just strive to constantly be a better version of yourself and you can achieve anything! I also love your writing style, I feel like we could be good friends just from your laid-back and caring tone. Keep it up! ❤

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  13. Erica says:

    This really hit home for me. I’ve been struggling to lose extra weight recently, and it is so easy to get discouraged and feel ashamed. Too many strict diet and exercise plans that are fixated on numbers and that fall apart as soon as a friend invites me out for dinner, or when I skip a gym session. No more! We have to love our bodies, and realise that it’s time to put our health and happiness first. Good luck 🙂 I hope to hear more about how you are going with it soon 🙂

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    • thebeautyofourimperfection™ says:

      Exactly, you hit the nail right on the head! It’s not about following extreme diets or starving ourselves until we reach a certain number as quickly as possible- it really just comes down to maintaining healthier habits and getting rid of bad ones!

      I’ll be sure to post an update about my journey in the near future 😊

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  14. Jen says:

    Love you attitude! You got this! I’m in a similar boat trying to lose the baby weight I gained with our 3rd…she’s now 2! But like you, there’s a mind shift that is taking place. Consistency, grace for failures and vision will keep us going. You’re doing great. Keep it up

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  15. Meredith.Helm says:

    I love how open and honest you are! Thanks for being vulnerable, it’s encouraging to others who are walking the same journey as you. I also love how your goal is to feel healthy again, not look a certain way or reach a certain goal weight. Feeling good is what is most important!! And once you feel healthy, you will appreciate your body for what it is capable of doing rather than get caught up with a number on the scale.

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